Ordering information

Please be sure to read my terms prior to inquiring about an animal.

New Minimum Order Requirement:  *Effective 11/19/2007*
The minimum net purchase (excluding shipping expenses) for shipped orders is $100. 
If you are interested in purchasing an animal, contact me with the following:
ID Number(s) of the animal(s) you're interested in
Any questions you may have about that specific animal(s)
Your full name
Shipping address and Zip Code
Phone number (needed for FedEx shipping label)

Shipping costs are as follows:  *Revised 11/19/2007*
Orders from $100 to $499 ~ $55
Orders from $500 to $749 ~ $25
Orders over $750 ~ No Charge

*At this time, I do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii or outside of the US. 
*Buyer is responsible for the legalities of owning reptiles in their city/county/state of residence.


Holds & Deposits

I will hold a reptile for three days to allow for the payment to arrive provided that I have the buyer's full name, shipping address and phone number.  I will not hold an animal for any length of time for anonymous parties. 
A non-refundable 25% deposit is required to hold an animal.  The remaining balance is due within 30 days and must be paid in full before the animal will be shipped.  Please see my terms page for acceptable forms of payment. 



All reptiles will be shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight (10:30am to most locations) in appropriately sized, insulated boxes.  Heat packs and cool packs will be provided if deemed necessary.  There is no charge for boxes or heat/cool packs.  All packages containing live harmless reptiles will be labeled accordingly, so please do not ask to have reptiles shipped to a destination where you cannot receive them.


All packages containing reptiles are dropped off at the FedEx staffed location at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport..  The latest drop off time for that location is 10:00pm, although I usually try to have them there by 9:30pm.  I do not have FedEx "pick up" packages at my address.  I only ship on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays for next day delivery.  Due to my schedule and the fact that it is at least a 90 minute round-trip to the FedEx location, I reserve the right to designate a certain day for each week on which all packages will be sent out. 


During the winter and summer months, shipping may be affected by weather conditions at the origin, FedEx sorting hubs, and destination locations.  I do not have specific "set" temperatures that I will or will not ship at.  The decision to ship is essentially a judgment call on my part, taking into consideration a variety of circumstances.  If I determine that weather conditions are unsuitable for shipping, I will assess the forecast and provide you with a tentative shipping date.  Weather conditions may deviate from forecasts however, so a tentative shipping date is just that... tentative.  Rarely do weather conditions suspend shipping for more than two weeks, although it is possible depending on the conditions in Wisconsin and the destination location.  Please do not ask me to ship against my judgment.