Terms of Sale

 Revised 1/14/07

By purchasing a reptile from me, the buyer agrees with, and is guaranteed to, the following terms and conditions:


1. Payments accepted:  Paypal (preferred), postal money orders and personal checks.  All payments must clear before animals will be shipped.  Please note that I do NOT accept money orders and cashier's checks from financial institutions because these instruments may take two or more weeks to clear. 

2. Animals shipped will be as represented.  Should a buyer feel that an animal was received in error (i.e. wrong sex, wrong color, etc.) it is his/her responsibility to notify me in writing of the discrepancy within seven days of receipt of said animal.  Animals sold as "probable male," "probable female" or "temperature sexed" are not guaranteed to be of that gender.  Satisfactory proof may be required at my request.  Should it be determined that an error has occurred, buyer is guaranteed to one of the following:

    A. A refund of the purchase price of the animal including shipping (unless other animals were received in the same shipment) following return of said animal to me.

    B. The return of the animal to me and I will send the correct animal at my expense.

    C. An alternative, mutually agreed upon resolution.


3.  Animals are guaranteed to arrive alive and healthy provided the buyer is home to accept and sign for the package on the first delivery attempt.  Refusal of package by the buyer voids all guarantees.  If the buyer has a signature release on file with FedEx, live arrival is not guaranteed.  Should an animal arrive deceased or ill, the buyer must notify me within two hours of signing for the package.  Animals are guaranteed to remain in good health for thirty days after delivery provided that buyer:
    A. keeps animal separated from their existing animals and follows adequate quarantine procedures,
    B. provides animal with seller's recommended housing and diet,
    C. has all health concerns assessed by a qualified veterinarian and provides documentation explaining the issue,
    D. can, at request of seller, provide proof of the previous conditions. 

Proof of deceased or ill animal is required within 24 hours.  Should the need arise to replace or refund the purchase of an animal, buyer is guaranteed to one of the following:

    A. A full and prompt refund of the purchase price of the animal including shipping (unless other animals were received in the same shipment)

    B. A replacement animal (if available) will be sent to the buyer as soon as possible.
    C. Reimbursement for veterinary expenses up to, but not exceeding, the purchase price of the animal.
    D. An alternative, mutually agreed upon resolution.


4.  Should the need arise to return an animal to the seller, the buyer and seller must agree upon shipping date and terms.  The returned animal must be packaged in the same manner that it was received, unless otherwise agreed upon.  Additionally, seller must be supplied with carrier tracking number after arranging a date for return shipping.


5.  Sellerís rights:

    A.  Prices may change without notice. 
    B.  Animals available are limited to stock on hand.
    C.  I may request return of mis-sexed, ill, or deceased animal prior to refund/replacement.

    D.  I reserve the right to verify the identity of the buyer prior to shipping or refund.

    E.  For new pet owners, I may send a care sheet to the buyer prior to sending the animal. 
         After confirming that the buyer is satisfactorily educated on the care of said animal, animal will be shipped.

    F.  For the well-being of my animals, as well as for my own protection, I reserve the right to refuse the sale of an animal to anyone.


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