- The only geckos I have left are some '08 babies that are not big enough to sell yet.  When they are ready, I will post ads for them.

- I apologize for not being able to respond to all of the emails I've received in the past week.  I wasn't expecting the 175+ emails in response to the ads I posted, and simply did not and will not have time to respond to each of them since I am in the middle of final exams.


The time has come for me to close up shop and stop raising geckos. 

Instead of trying to keep up with constantly updating the availability pages here, I have posted an all-inclusive list of the geckos I have left on GeckoForums.net  Honestly, it's easier for me to update it there than it is for me to maintain the pages here.  What I have left can be found at the link below:
I would really like to have all of the geckos sold to new homes by May 21, and am open to offers to "buy out" what I have left.  All of my racks and equipment have already been sold. 

I would like to thank all of my customers over the years for their business and patronage.  Without a market of buyers to purchase the animals I have been fortunate enough to produce, I wouldn't have been able to enjoy working with reptiles the way that I have.  I would also like to thank the many friends and breeders whom I've come to know by raising reptiles.  Everyones "stock" comes from somewhere, and we all need a little advice and support from time to time. 

At this point I have no plans or intentions as to whether or not I will ever return to raising reptiles.  All I know is that right now it seems everything is telling me that I need to spend my time pursuing other interests and objectives.  I do plan to keep my website up, and just renewed it for another three years.  Hopefully I will now have enough time to add some of the articles and information regarding reptiles that I've been too busy to get published in the past. 

Thank you, and best wishes to everyone and their reptile companions.