Leopard Geckos

1/6/07 - My main objectives this season include outcrossing and improving some of the varieties of Leopard Geckos in my collection as well as to produce some morphs that have yet to become commonly available such as the Bell Blazing Blizzard and Bell Patternless Albino.  I have nearly one hundred animals dedicated just to the aforementioned two projects alone, so between myself and the other breeders working on these projects we hopefully will see a few of these elusive morphs this season!

All of the offspring from last season have found new homes or are being held back as future breeders.  The first eggs of the 2007 season were laid on January 1st so it's going to be several months before I have the first '07s available.  I will post updates when necessary both here and on GeckoForums.net

►I have finally composed a page of Leopard Gecko Care Guidelines as well as a Guide to Leopard Gecko Morphs & Genetics, so please be sure to check them out!

Leopard Gecko Care Guidelines

Guide to Leopard Gecko Morphs & Genetics

A little bit about my Leopard Geckos...
I strive to take the best care of my animals possible.  All of my geckos are housed individually with the exception of when males are placed in with individual females and when the females are taking a well-deserved rest after the breeding season.  I am a fanatic at keeping detailed records for breeding my Leopard Geckos, and by keeping offspring housed individually I know which mother and father a certain gecko came from as well as their lay date, incubation temperature, hatch date, heterozygous and possible heterozygous traits, etc.  All Leopard Geckos sold this season will be accompanied by an identification card that carries all of this information.

My Leopard Geckos have access to a suitable humid hide, water, gut-loaded feeder insects, calcium, vitamin & mineral supplements and are housed securely in awesome Animal Plastics racks.  I pay very close attention to not only the quality of the animals that comprise my breeding population but to the quality of their care and diet as well.  Instead of listing past customer testimonials on this page, I invite you to check out my feedback left on GeckoForums.net located here